100 posts for you to explore. I cannot wait for 100 more!

Today, I am eating cake. Because blogging every week, one post got me to the 100th post today. Yeah! Thank you to everyone who has read my posts with great loyalty and giving your Likes on the Social Media platforms. And also, of course, to re-share those posts you found very helpful for your sales teams or sales colleagues to read.

My objective for writing these posts every week is to share the context of why a new way of selling is needed. It requires a change of habits. And it starts with an acceptance that a change is needed. I often refer to research done by big consultancy companies like Gartner and Forrester and put many of their recommendations in practical short stories/messages. I love writing these posts, so up to the next 100!

On this day of celebration I would like to ask you a question:

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21410cookie-check100 posts for you to explore. I cannot wait for 100 more!

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