200 Blogposts Celebration. And…What Do You Think?

I bought myself a big enough cake to fit a lot of candles on; today, I am posting blog number 200! Enough reasons to get the cake knife and napkins out and dig in. Also, an excellent opportunity to say a big:


for being loyal readers and listeners and participating in the Trusted Advisor self-tests and quizzes. I hope the posts help keep you motivated and inspired to continuously improve your Selling with the Buyer’s Perspective skills. I am passionate about writing every week a new blog post about the new way of selling because of you! Week after week, there are approximately one thousand visitors to thesalesadvice.com, and they are reading two to three blog posts per time. And…You are from all over the world; Europe, Asia, China, the Americas, the Middle East and Sub Sahara Africa. This keeps me motivated. Thank you. I really mean that.

To help me improve the blog, I am asking you to complete a small (anonymous) survey. There are only nine short questions, and it would help me a lot to focus on the following;

  • What needs to improve
  • What else would you like me to write about
  • And your preferences for learning

Thank you for your participation! Keep a look out for the upcoming blogs with all your suggested improvements, and keep selling like never before!

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Up to the next 200 🙂

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