How does the crystal ball of your prospect look like?


Thinking like a buyer has opened the eyes of many successful salespersons. Instead of following the sales process steps “uncovering the buyer’s need” they realized it is much more about the buyer recognizing that a need exists and the services offered by the current supplier is not able to satisfy that need.

Although many of our sales colleagues have the above in mind, many unfortunately focus too much on the current customer situation. They get themselves into a dead-end street because the prospective customer immediately compares their offerings to the current supplier. Yes, there may be some differences here and there but none of these are convincing the customer to make a drastic change.  The added value of change is not worthwhile.

While some offered added value services are missing from the current supplier, in the eyes of the prospective customer, the incoming supplier is also not perfect. This ends up in the customer requesting you to differentiate more, through price. Then a change may be considered. Do you recognize this pattern?

What to do? The challenge many salespeople have is to fire up some effective emotions in the customer’s mind so they recognize a need for change.

One proven method is to ask your customer questions about the future, Eg. about the next coming years: “Dear customer, what is your next year’s growth look like in comparison to previous years”?

Your next question should be: “and what is your strategy to achieve that”? Any business always wants to do better than the year before. How can they stay ahead of their competitors? What needs to change? Their product? Their service? Is the market pushing them to change?

Through using you as a sparring partner they ask themselves: “Do I have the right suppliers lined up to achieve what we want to achieve next year”? And that is exactly where you may be able to help! Try it, successful salespeople do this all the time.

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