5 Steps to Reach Your Quota This Year

By the end of this month, you will have ninety days left to reach your sales quota for 2023. Without a doubt, you need revenue acceleration. Winning the business from big dream accounts would help. But, in general, bigger opportunities take more time to win. So, if there is one date or week to start with actions that deliver results, then that is now. Doing nothing is not an option. Here are five steps to reach your sales quota this year. Not surprisingly, they help you to focus and decide on feasible actions that deliver results.

1. Focus on Sales Effectiveness

Your first priority is to improve your effectiveness in customer conversations. In other words, quality over quantity. The only way to do that is to Sell with the Buyer’s Perspective. Instead of being transactional or solution-oriented, you create different types of value. For example, you see trends your customers can take advantage of, but they haven’t worked out how. Your business idea is inspiring customers to capture profitable top-line growth – and you want them to discover that a change is needed. Trusted Advisors are strategic thinkers, and you want to be in that league.

Action: Review the do’s and don’ts of selling with the seller’s perspective versus selling with the buyer’s perspective.

2. Focus on Big Fishes

Analyze your opportunities and select which bigger customers and prospects you have a basic relationship with but did not win the business. Particularly, big fishes can make or break your sales target. If they start next month, you will have three months of additional business. Review what value you were pitching then versus what value you can create now using selling with the buyer’s perspective. With that in mind, prepare differently.

Action: select 10 customers, not more

3. Contact different stakeholders and get their attention

Look for different people to meet. Level up to stakeholders that have revenue or commercial responsibilities. Subsequently, connect via LinkedIn and share a research article connected to your business idea. Prepare a video message, be creative, and pitch your business idea in 30 seconds max. Alternatively, ask your regular contact for an introduction.

To get the commercial stakeholder’s attention, define a business case statement including:

  • Your Insight and business idea
  • What potential quantifiable value can be gained? (name the amount). What’s In it For The Customer (WIFTC)
  • What needs to change to make that work

Selling is helping, so share how you have helped other customers with your business idea.

Action: use Connect Calling and ask for a meeting; ask who else would be interested in being part of or /and continuing the conversation.

4. Influence top managers via your champion.

Stakeholders never make decisions to change on their own. Unfortunately, with bigger customers, you deal with bigger Buying rooms. Don’t worry; use your change champion to do the leg work for you. Enable him or her with your attention-getter (3). Unquestionably, influencing happens when you are not there.

Action: Enable your change champion. Equip him or her with what they need. Prepare a separate video message to summarize your business idea, the impact on the customer’s business, and what needs to change.

5. Focus on Small Commitments

Getting top management together on short notice is challenging. That said, if your business idea is generating top-line profitable growth, they will call an executive meeting. If they don’t, focus on gaining small commitments like the first orders and shipments. You probably know the saying, “Rome was not built in one day”. That applies here, too. Normally, big Customers won’t change their business over just like that. Instead, agree with your change champion on the first volumes and subsequent milestones. Surely, the best proof to gain the whole business is that your business idea works.

Action: gain small commitments like the first orders and shipments.

The economy is not bouncing back, so you need to take action. Gaining a few big dream prospects should be part of your agenda. Specifically, focus on what you can control and use these five steps as your guidance. Am looking forward to hearing about your success.

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