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Following last week’s post, this week’s challenge is to see how well you adapt your actions and next steps on various customer conversation scenarios. Stakeholders you meet can be in different phases of their buying process. So, they are most likely to answer your questions as such. Sometimes, their answers are not so straightforward. What customers say and think can be different.

Take the New Way of Selling Black Belt quiz. There are 15 questions. For every question, there is only one correct answer. Pass 90%, and you have earned your Black Belt!


The Black Belt Quiz

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1. At a Change to Who? conversation one of the stakeholders says: You are very expensive...What do you do?

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2. The best way to share an insight is...

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3. In the new way of selling, salespeople need to focus in preparation for meetings on...

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4. What should your ideas, insights, and stories be about when your Stakeholder is in Why Change?

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5. There are more stakeholders in the buying room. What commitment would you ask for at the end of a Change to Who? type of conversation with four out of six stakeholders?

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6. What is the best way to start the meeting?

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7. What type of conversation is most effective in helping stakeholders discover the need to explore change?

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8. In Why Change, what should the conversation with your stakeholder be about?

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9. Your contact is enthusiastic about your ideas on how to grow their business differently than initially thought. She also agrees that a different solution is needed.

But then, in a subsequent meeting, her manager says: " we have been working with your competitor for 10 years, they can do the same thing that you are proposing" ... What do you do?

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10. Selling is...

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11. What do stakeholders at an Executive Level or Senior Management Level most likely want to hear from you?

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12. You are meeting with your stakeholder in the cantine. What would you like him to discover in a Change to What conversation?

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13. Your contact is interested in the ideas and insights you shared - what is your next step?

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14. The Buying Room has four stakeholders. You have been meeting with only one stakeholder, who finds your ideas insightful. What do you need to do before ending the meeting?

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15. What ' missing information' will you share with your stakeholders in Change to What? phase

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The average score is 86%

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A message for Sales Managers: Do the quiz yourself and ask your team to do the same. Coach your team using the questions and answers. Ensure they apply their learning in the field and on the floor!

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