Embrace AI to become faster, smarter and sell more

In the fast-paced world of sales, adaptability is critical. AI is approaching at an accelerating pace as an everyday source of information. You may have read articles claiming that AI will take over human beings’ jobs. For Sales, nothing is further from the truth. The role of the salesperson is not diminishing. Instead, it’s evolving and becoming more important. With AI handling data analysis, content creation, and strategy suggestions, salespeople can enable themselves to become faster smarter and sell more. Early adopters will have an advantage.

What can the latest GenAI do? Initially, it seems all very overwhelming and time-consuming to make it work for you. Where do you start? You don’t want AI to become a time stealer. Instead, you want it to be a time gainer. And not only that, AI needs to help you with better selling. You are looking for an efficiency and effectiveness advantage. Below is a simple method to help you. The 4 x S of Sales AI. Are you ready? Let’s buckle up!

Selling with the Buyer’s Perspective means you lead with insightful information to change your contact’s perspective. The most convincing way to do that is with third-party information.

Imagine your customer is in the candle-making industry. They may struggle with their growth because of the competitive led candles. You want to help them, and you want to have ideas. Search exactly what you think they may be struggling with or what they should be aware of. Focus on how you can help customers with business growth ideas they may not have considered.

From my CX knowledge, I believe that any SME that manufactures something should look at improving their Customer experience. This can make them more competitive, improve customer loyalty and expand their online customer base. So, also for candle-making companies. I asked AI to provide me with research on that. This is what AI found for me:

This seems to be a credible article., from a well-known research company, and the research is from this year.

Step 2: Summarize

Unfortunately, you have no time to read all of this. So, let AI get to work for you.

Ask AI to summarize this article into bullet points (copy-paste the URL). Tada! Now you understand the article better. I love bullet points!

Step 3: Script

When selling with the Buyer’s Perspective, you deliver insights with impact. Your statement, which triggers the customer to think about their challenges, must make sense and be easy to understand. Let’s ask AI!

Me: AI, write me a script about these five bullet points I can share with my customer:

AI: Sure! Here’s a script you can use with your customers: “I wanted to discuss with you a strategy called Experience-led growth, which focuses on improving the experience of existing customers to drive breakthrough growth for companies like yourself. I believe this strategy can greatly benefit your business and help you achieve your growth goals.”

This is a remarkable statement. It’s not about you, your company or your solutions. Instead, it’s about the customer’s most likely challenges. You can add to the statement: ” I have helped other customers doing this.” to add credibility.

Step 4: Strategize

The crucial last step is strategizing what you will do with your script. If you aim to secure a meeting with a prospect, you strategize by making a first contact via Connect Calling. If you are likely to be confronted by a Gatekeeper, then you prepare as such. You may bypass that by sending a video message to your prospect or a direct LinkedIn message. Or, if you know your customer well, why not WhatsApp the script to them?

Ensure you provide your contact with the link to the article. And, of course, don’t forget to ask for the commitment you seek. E.g. how does your Tuesday or Wednesday look like for a 20min meeting? ” You are all set!


Following the 4 x S of Sales AI enables you to effectively find third-party research to share with your prospects and customers. AI helps you with summarizing and scripting a powerful message. For the biggest impact, you decide what strategy to choose. With AI, you can become faster, smarter and sell more.

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