It is Time to Get Insanely Prospect Centric

You may have read and heard about “Being Insanely Customer Centric”, an expression referring to a mindset needed to be successful as a business: It doesn’t matter which rank in the company you operate, every employee needs to put the customer central in their behavior, actions, initiatives, even at heated discussions in internal meetings to stay focused on the ultimate objectives of the company: helping your customers being more successful in what they are trying to achieve.

For salespeople, this is not different. For many, this mindset comes naturally; especially when you are involved in sales activities driving the loyalty of your customer.

However, from a selling point of view, unfortunately, many salespeople don’t see the need to show this mindset right from the very first moment you meet your prospect.

According to many research studies (Gartner, Forrester, SiriusDecions) buyers have been through 57% of their purchasing discovery phase by the time they say yes to a meeting with you. They have identified their needs, explored options provided by their current suppliers and are hoping you, as the potential new supplier, bring something to the table that they don’t know, and will add new insights to their imagined solutions.

You no longer can afford not to be optimally prepared for any prospect meeting. You need to get yourself up to speed on the prospect’s business, what do they do, who are their customers, what are they trying to achieve to stay ahead of their competitors? In other words, if by the time you open the prospect’s door you don’t know at least 2/3 of their 57% discovery phase you may have lost round one, your credibility is already at stake.

Spend on your next prospect visit time to get yourself in the prospect’s shoes. Be insanely Prospect centric. Only then you have a head start at your first meeting and you can deliver what the prospect is hoping for: fill in the remaining 43% of discovery information, share insights that will help the prospect to see different perspectives of how they can add value to their customers.

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