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I so enjoyed appearing as a guest on the EVOLVERS Podcast with Tom Pisello talking about:  Do Buyers Need Sales People at All?

Tom Pisello, The ROI Guy, is a serial entrepreneur, popular speaker, and author, focused on value marketing and selling. He brings people to his podcast, whose mission is to help salespeople with their transition to becoming Trusted Advisors in this ever-changing world. Tom spotted The Sales Advice as a popular sales blog (this month I welcomed visitor nr.10,000) and asked me to go On Air with him talking about the challenges salespeople face at the moment and what sales organizations can do to help them.

The podcast is around 30 min. so perfect to listen to while jogging, biking or other similar sport. You can listen to the full episode here!

Enjoy! I always looking forward to feedback. Feel free to share with your network.

Tom @tpisello (twitter) @tom_pisello (Linked In) @evolvedselling (twitter) Evolved Selling Institute (Linked In)

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