Sales Transformation Made Easy 2

Welcome to a series of podcasts where I will interview several Thought-Leaders and Salespeople on the topic of Sales Transformation. I will ask for their advice and practical tips for sales frontline managers and Sales Leaders to make their sales transformation easier.

We started the sales transformation journey in 2020, and now going into the third year, I am curious to hear what works and what doesn’t and advice on how to get to that ultimate goal; becoming a Trusted Advisor to customers and prospects.

You can download these podcasts and listen to them when it is convenient for you, whether you are in the car, riding your bike or on your morning walk or run.

In this episode, I am talking to Bram van Aken, Business Development Manager of Strategic Accounts at DHL Express. Bram is an experienced front-line salesperson specialising in helping customers grow their eCommerce business. Tune in to hear multiple practical insights and advice that you can implement tomorrow.

Sales Transformation Made Easy 2


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