The Customer’s Success is Your Success


Although top salespeople have the pressure like any other salesperson to exceed targets, to perform at decent closing ratios and keeping their bosses happy, they are not tempted to discounting to make that extra sale. How come? The answer lays in a habit many other salespeople do not have or not stick to when it gets tough, the discipline of putting the customer’s business first. They conduct their meetings with only one goal in mind: The customer’s success is their success.

From the moment they get a sales lead they have a laser-sharp focus on how they can help the prospect being more successful. With that, they prepare their visit differently than many others; they focus on what possible situational knowledge is needed to add value right from the start.

When contacting the prospect they are not calling “to stop by” or “they are in the area to introduce themselves”. Instead, they make sure they have already something to exchange to get the prospect’s commitment to a physical meeting. They promise not to waste the prospects time. They tell them what they get out of the meeting – even if the prospect will never buy from them.

The secret is to engage with the prospect about their business eg: “our solution is going to help you driving more income” – or producing more satisfied customers – or allowing you to stay ahead of your competitors”. The prospect is curious and is willing to invest time to meet.

At the meeting, they keep that focus on helping the customer to achieve their objectives, not the salesperson’s paycheck. They know that from the moment the buyer senses their “customer-centric” intention, they earn that respect needed to ask the tougher questions moving the opportunity forward.

For them, it is not about making a quick sale. They know a quick sale with price as the differentiator will not drive customer loyalty.

Top salespeople understand they need to create a strategic preference. They create that preference by sharing relevant information the customer cannot find themselves and  changes their perspective of their current situation and set-up. Because of that new information, they see now risks of not changing, they were initially not aware of. They see opportunities, when changing supplier, they could not see before. The Sales Executive becomes a Trusted Advisor, helping the customer to grow their business.

The easy way is lowering your price. Top guns don’t like the easy way out, instead, they keep to their promises they made when contacting the prospect: adding value to their business like no other can. For that, the right price needs to be paid.

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