The Power of BECAUSE…

Tomorrow, we will meet with Keith Lubner of SalesGravy at the DHL Express Sales Champions Club event in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are super excited because Keith will run a Fanatical Prospecting keynote and workshop with our 125 sales champions of 2022.

Prospecting skills are in a different league than any other selling skill. In this Fanatical Prospecting workshop (based on the book by Jeb Blount) our sales champions will learn new skills that will get them in front of Customers they normally found challenging in the past. One of these skills is using The Power of BECAUSE…

What is the real challenge with prospecting? Why do so many salespeople struggle to get in front of people they have never met? Well, simply said, when you contact a prospect, what you actually do is interrupting their day. No one likes to be interrupted. And, unfortunately, the moment a Prospect hears a sales pitch, they switch off, get rid of you and get on with what they were doing in the first place. So, there is also fear by the salesperson of being rejected. Calling or being called is not a thing the Prospect nor the salesperson likes. But prospecting skills a la Jeb Blount is going to change that!

So, when you interrupt your Prospect why would they say yes? Is there a trick? Do you need to wave a magic wand? (Let’s not go there again 🙂 )

No, Fanatical Prospecting is using the principle of human behaviour that implies when we ask someone to do us a favor, we will be more successful if we provide a reason. People simply like to have reasons for what they say yes to.

In other words:

You need a message that can be delivered in 10 seconds or less and gives your prospect a reason or a “because” that’s good enough to get them to say yes

Jeb Blount

They will only give up their time BECAUSE you offer them;

  • Emotional value. We already know how overwhelmed and confused customers are with so much information available. It causes them stress, anxiety and not so good feel emotions. If you offer help on this the more likely you will hear a yes.
  • Insight value. People like knowing things. Especially if it is information they didn’t know and is relevant to what they are concerned about. In a way, they are happy to trade their time for information that can help them further.
  • Tangible value. White papers, case studies, and data relevant to their challenges are welcomed by prospects because it helps them with building their own business case to change or not to change

Keith, we are ready for your keynote, BECAUSE it’s going to take us to the next level of prospecting skills!

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